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Okay, I like photographing fish.

I don’t think this photo will make it to my final project. It’s too bad, because I really like it. This is a small underground middle-eastern store in Boston’s Haymarket.



Lunch at Haymarket


Decisive Moment

For my photography class, we had to do this exercise called decisive moment. Basically pick a spot that has good composition and take about 70 photos, in hopes of getting your AHA photo. So I stood on the stairs of the MET on a rainy day last week and snapped away. I chose this location because as I was coming out, I couldn’t help but notice how cool the umbrellas looked as people crossed the street. I was waiting for a huge group of people to walk by with dozens of umbrellas. I imagined the photo in my head and really liked it, so I tried hard to get it. However after about 100 shots, all I was getting was this:

My name is not Susan

For my documentary photography class we had to pair up and take photos of each other for 6 hours. I took photos of my classmate Susan yesterday, and she will photograph me tomorrow. I don’t fancy the idea of being photographed for that long, so I told her to come over and we’ll cook dinner, maybe go to the grocery store and run a few errands… typical stuff.  Apparently it’s going to be nice outside so we’re now having a little cook-out. Should be fun!

So yesterday we went to the hair salon and cut her hair. Then we got some food and hit up a Good Will store. Here are a few at the salon: