Gif of some dancing eyebrows.



Amy gives Sarah the elbow gif.

She will put a spell on you

It’s already fall…

Concord, Ma.



My friend Louise and I had a photo shoot around my old neighborhood in North Cambridge. It was a beautiful day out and the we were loving the light!

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I made a photography page on facebook. I figured, how dare I claim to be into social media if I don’t even have a facebook page?

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Maika and Tony’s Wedding Video

This is a wonderful wedding I photographed for two very sweet people. I used the t2i — can’t tell you enough how much I love this camera. It was so easy to switch from photo to video. Still getting used to working with a shotgun mic — in fact, I’m still getting used to making something with audio other than music!

To the two lovebirds: congratulations!  xo